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About me

I’m Ben "Doc" Askins, the founder of Advanced Practice Providers, and my journey into holistic healing is deeply rooted in a lifelong desire to help others. From serving as a combat medic in the military for a decade, which included a deployment to Iraq, to earning a Master of Divinity degree, my experiences have shaped a unique path in the field of wellness. These experiences led me to become a Physician Assistant, specializing in mental health and psychedelic-assisted therapy, combining my background in spirituality, psychology, and medicine to offer a comprehensive approach to healing.

My passion for alternative therapies, such as ketamine therapy, was ignited by both personal experiences and professional exposure. After witnessing the profound impact these therapies had on patients during my military and civilian medical careers, I dedicated myself to mastering these innovative treatments. Today, I strive to integrate these powerful modalities with traditional practices to provide holistic care that addresses the mind, body, and spirit.

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True healing happens when we embrace all parts of ourselves, weaving together the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects into a harmonious whole.


My approach

At Advanced Practice Providers, my approach is centered on personalized, integrative care that combines cutting-edge psychedelic therapies with holistic health practices. I believe in treating the whole person, not just the symptoms, and work closely with my patients to uncover the root causes of their challenges. By blending traditional medicine with alternative therapies, nutritional guidance, and lifestyle changes, I aim to empower individuals to achieve lasting wellness and rediscover the joy in living.

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